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News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of May 22, 2017

The Literature novel we are reading, Alexander: The Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World,  is divided into four parts.  We will be discussing the first part on Monday.  By Thursday we will have all four parts read and discussed.  They will have questions on each part to do as assignments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  This novel ties in with our study of Ancient Greece in History.

All school library books are due.  If your child needs to use one yet for his/her book report, he/she may keep it until the book report is done.   There are only a few that have to meet the 400 page requirement for the quarter.  You should have received an email on your child’s progress in   completing this requirement. 

Our last Spelling lesson is this week.  The words are homophones – words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  For the test your child will not only have to spell the word correctly but use the correct one for way it is used in the sentence that I will say.  For example, if the word is their and I say “The students brought their lunches to school”, your child must spell their and not there or they’re to get the word correct.  Because we have Friday off this week, the activities are due Wednesday and the test will be Thursday. 

This week in English we will be learning about prepositions, objects of the preposition, and prepositional phrases. 

In Science, we are learning about the Solar System.  Last week we discussed the inner planets and this week we will discuss the outer planets.  We will also discuss comets, asteroids, and meteors. 

In History we will be learning about the Persian War and the Golden Age of Greece while we will learn about Alexander the Great in Literature.   

As you know, we have been putting the inserts into the bulletins for Holy Cross almost every week during the school year.  This week Kim Corey will be bringing dillies for the students as a thank you for providing this service. 

In Religion class, we are learning about the birth of Jesus including the incarnation.  The children have been learning/reviewing what the terms Immaculate Conception, Visitation, Nativity, the Annunciation, and Presentation mean.  

This Week’s Spelling Words

their, deer, stake, whole, fourth, pare, sweet, threw, berry, waist, steak, forth, pair, they’re, through, suite, waste, dear, hole, bury, there, weighed, weather, whether, pear

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of May 15, 2017

Monday we will finish reading The Children’s Homer  with our discussion of the novel ending on Tuesday.  On Wednesday we will begin Alexander: The Boy Soldier Who Conquered the World.  It is a short book so we should easily be able to finish it before the end of the world.  It is the biography of Alexander the Great. 

All books from our school library are due this Wednesday.  We will go to the library on Wednesday at our regular time to hand in any books that the students have and to see what books are still checked out so we can get them in by the end of the week. 

Because all the books are due this Wednesday, book reports are due this Wednesday also.  I will email you Wednesday night so you know your child’s progress in meeting this requirement.  The last day I can take book reports is the morning of May 30 by 8:10 A.M.  If your child still needs a book to read, he/she is welcome to use one of the books from the classroom library.  (They are not due to May 30.)  They may also read a book from home, the Kaukauna library, or one borrowed from a friend.  The requirement is once again 400 pages for the fourth quarter.

This week in Religion we will begin to learn about John the Baptist and the birth of Jesus.  We will be learning about the Annunciation, Visitation, the Immaculate Conception, and the Nativity.  We will also be learning about Mary and Joseph and their role as parents to Jesus. 

In Science we are learning about the solar system.  We have discussed the solar system and are presently discussing the sun.   This week we will finish discussing the sun that will be followed by discussion of the inner planets and the outer planets. 

This week in English I hope to finish discussing adverbs so next week we can learn about prepositions and prepositional phrases.  I also hope to begin diagramming sentences as a review of the parts of speech. 

In History we are studying ancient Greek history.  I hope to finish Athens and begin to study the Persian War by the end of the week.                

This Week’s Spelling Words

interception, appreciation, organization, education, promotion, preparation,, instruction, collision, situation, migration, mission, direction, imitation, position, treasure, conversion, population, restriction, examination, explosion, explanation, objection, election, limitation, estimation


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of May 8, 2017

We had a great day at Heritage Hill on Friday.  I hope your child shared with you what they learned and what they saw.  It was enjoyable day of learning.  Thank you to the three moms that went with us.

 This will be the final week for your child to check books out of the school library.  All books need to be in by the end of the day on May 19.  (We will not be going to the library on May 24.)  For this reason, I have the book report due on Wednesday, May 17.  On the night of May 17 I will email you to let you know where your child is on the 400 page requirement.  If your child still needs to complete it, he/she may use one of the books from my classroom library (the students may use these until the May 30) or a book from the Kaukauna library or their own personal library.    All book pages should be in by Thursday, May 25.

In English, we just finished pronouns and are beginning adverbs.  On Friday, we will also begin to discuss and do sentence diagramming as a way to review the parts of speech and how they are used in sentences.  

The children completed our study of Weather and Climate by taking an open book test on Wednesday.  Not only could they use the book, but I gave them the section of the chapter where each answer for each problem could be found.  They were not given a time limit so they would have the necessary time needed to do well on this test.

We are now on our new Science book entitled Astronomy.  We are beginning with Chapter 3, The Solar System. Currently, we are looking at how an earth-centered solar system became a sun-centered solar system.  Next we will learn about our sun and go on to the planets beginning with the inner planets. 

In History, we have begun to learn about Ancient Greece. After learning about the geography of Greece, we are learning about the city-states of Sparta and Athens.  We are also learning about the different kinds of government the city-states had and are still in practice today.

In Religion, we are adding to the knowledge we learned in History about Moses, the Kings, and the prophets.  We are also reviewing the 10 Commandments and what they mean for us and the things we do. 

This Week’s Spelling Words

brilliant, shriek, crystal, artery, illusion, information, knowledge, millionaire, kidneys, decoration, edition, donkeys, discussion, siren, stomach, chipmunk, ligament, tongue, vein, designed, convertible, muscles, credit, auction, conversation


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of April 24, 2017

 The school’s boiler was turned off this past weekend and will remain off until next fall.  The room has been very warm these past weeks.  There were days we even had to open the windows to cool the room down.  Now that the boiler is turned off I am not sure what the temperature will be in the room.  So I am suggesting that each student bring a dress code acceptable garment that can be put on in case he/she is cold.  It can be kept in the room or in his/her locker but be available when needed.

Before the Easter break we had a History test on Israel.  Not all of the students did as well as I hoped they would.   I wanted to give them a chance to bring up their test grade.  After seeing their tests, the students gave me them back to me.  I gave them a new copy of the test with the problems they had incorrect circled.  The students are to find the correct answer in their textbook for each circled exercise.  They then put down the answer as well as the page number where the answer was found.  For each correct response, they will get one and one half point added to their test score.   For example, a 67% would mean that there were 12 incorrect responses.  If all 12 were answered correctly with the correct page numbers, I would add 18 points to the 67 giving the student a 85% for the test score.  The deadline to do this is Friday of this week.

Our next unit of study in History is Ancient Greece.  We filled in a map helping us understand the geography of Ancient Greece.  After a slight introduction we will discuss the Greek myths and the city-states of Greece.

In English, we are coming to the end of our study of pronouns.  If things go as planned, I hope to have the test on Thursday, May 4.  I then would like to conclude the year with a study of adverbs, prepositions and sentence diagramming.

In Religion we are going to study Moses and the Prophets.  We will be reviewing what we learned in History and adding to this knowledge.  We are currently working on a class shield that will represent our class.  The planning is done and we are presently putting our thoughts and ideas on the shield.  We hope to have it displayed on Thursday  in the hall by our classroom door.          

This Week’s Spelling Words

laughter, photograph, tough, paragraph, elephant, phase, orphan, nephew, dolphin, weird, triumph, subscribe, enforce, rough, optimistic, performance, tighten, alphabetize, physical, geography, punctuation, typhoon, pharmacy, autographs, memorize

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of April 10, 2017

There will be no newsletter the week we return after Easter break.  The next newsletter will be April 24.  After the break, I will be sending more information about our field trip to Heritage Hill.  The field trip will take up the whole day   We will leave at 8:30 and return approximately at 2:45.    

This is a short but busy week.  Monday and Tuesday we will be preparing to do the Living Last Supper for our school family on Wednesday morning.  The Eighth Grade will assist us by doing the Living Stations as part of the service. 

On Tuesday we will pray the Liturgy of the Hours with the student body in church.  Following that we will remain in church to practice the Mass parts for the April 20 Mass.  Our buddies, the preschoolers, have planned the Mass and need us to help them do the various Mass parts.  We will practice Tuesday with them and go over our parts again on Wednesday after Easter break. 

On Wednesday, in addition to the Living Last Supper, we will also be doing a VBRD group activity and participating in a prayer chain for Ellie. 

On Tuesday, we are having a History test on ancient Israel.  The students have a study guide and I will attach one to this email in case it is needed.  On Monday we will review for the assessment in class.  After the Easter break, we will begin the study of Ancient Greece. 

In Science we will quickly cover the chapter on climate and climate change  so we can soon begin our study of astrology.  This week we will finish our study of the factors that cause climate.

In English we are learning about pronouns.  We have discussed subject pronouns.  This week we will discuss object pronouns and the use of I and me.  This is a short chapter.  I will keep you informed of our progress.      

We will not be covering any additional chapters in The Children’s Homer this week because it is a short week and we need to practice the Living Last Supper.

Have a great Easter break!  May you have an Easter full of many blessings! 

This Week’s Spelling Words

There is no Spelling lesson this week.  The next lesson will be the week of April 24.


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of April 3,2017

 Report cards will be coming home this Thursday.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me.  Once again you can keep the report card but please return the signed envelope.

This Tuesday is our Science test.  We filled out the study guide on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.  It has been the science assignment to begin to prepare for the test for the last few days.  We will review on Monday as a class and the test will be Tuesday morning.  I will attach a copy of the filled in study guide in case you need it.  Wednesday we will begin to learn about Climate and Climate Change.

The English test on adjectives will be on Wednesday.  It will include Identification of adjectives and the words they modify.  It will also include special adjectives good and bad as well as comparing adjectives.  Proper adjectives will also be included.  The students will be given a study guide to help them practice and prepare.  It will consist of examples for them to do as well as the answer sheet so they can verify that they have selected the correct answers.  Next we will begin a study of pronouns.   Following this we will study prepositions, prepositional phrases, and adverbs.

In Literature we are about to begin part 2 of our novel, The Children’s Homer.  To help the students understand the novel, we will first read an overview of The Odyssey and then begin Chapters 1 and 2 of part 2. 

We are coming to the end of our study of Israel and hope to have the study guide filled in by Thursday.   If things go as planned, the test will be Tuesday, April 11.  Next we will learn about ancient Greece.

In Religion we continue to prepare for the Living Last Supper that we will be praying with the student body on Wednesday, April 12.  Any student who wants to read will be given the chance to do so.  We will also need students to help wash hands and pass out the bread.  Every student will participate in some way.  This practice/preparation will take us up to the Easter break.  After we will begin to discuss Moses.

This will be the last Spelling lesson before Easter break.  Our next lesson will be the week of April 24. 

This Week’s Spelling Words

skidded, payee, sleepiest, whispering, shameful, busiest, anticipated, settlement, peaceful, planned, persuaded, glanced, strutted, scraping, supplying, tracing, dropped, employer, delightful, angrily, envied, imagination, choosing, unforgivable, referring

 News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of March 27, 2017

This week begins the fourth quarter.  Some of the students still owe work or book reports for the third quarter.  I will be in touch with those parents so every effort can be made for the book reports or work to be completed and handed in.  I would like to have everything in by Wednesday morning at the latest. 

The book report requirement will remain at 400 pages for the fourth quarter.  I will put out the new book report forms on Monday so your child can begin to work on this.  As the quarter continues and the weather turns more spring like, it will be more difficult for your child to stay focused on this requirement so I would recommend having them get started on it.

We have heard from Heritage Hill and been given a date for our field trip.  The trip will be Friday, May 5.  They asked for the number of parents attending.  I did not give them a number at this time so anyone that would like to go to accompany us would be able to go.   I told them I would give them a number by the end of April so if you plan on going, please let me know as soon as possible. 

We are coming to an end in English of our study of adjectives.  Our test on this concept will be Wednesday, April 5.  We will spend the week learning about Proper Adjectives and reviewing everything we learned about adjectives.  I will be sending home a study guide to help the students prepare for the test. 

We will also be having a Science test next week on Tuesday, April 4 on Weather Patterns.  We will begin to fill in a study guide on Wednesday.  I will send you a copy of it as soon as we are finished filling it in. 

In Religion, we will be reading the Stations this week for Grades 5-8 on Wednesday morning.  We will also be going to Reconciliation on Friday afternoon.   Besides these events, we will be preparing for the Living Last Supper prayer service that we are leading on Wednesday, April 12. 

We are also coming to an end of our study of Israel.  I do not have a date yet for the test but will let you know once I have one. 

To help the children read and understand The Children’s Homer, I have found an audio recording of the book.   We started to use it last week and the students enjoy our use of it.   

This Week’s Spelling Words

cruel, clinic, achieve, injuries, cleats, wreath, amusing, opinion, blister, cloudburst, forfeit, chimney, sparkled, startle, sketch, flavor, swallow, encourage, questions, charity, drizzle, equals, middle, frontier, glimpse


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of March 20, 2017

This week we will begin to prepare for the Living Last Supper Service that we will be doing on Wednesday, April 13 for the school community.  The eighth grade will help us by doing the Living Stations as part of the prayer service when we get to the Good Friday portion of our service.  This will be our religion classes for the next few weeks.

This year, the fourth and fifth grades will be going to Heritage Hill in Green Bay.  I am in the process of arranging a date and will notify you once it is finalized in case you want to accompany us for the day.  I am hoping to arrange for a day in May. 

The quarter ends on Friday of this week.  I have emailed you your child’s progress on his/her book report progress.  The pages with the reports are due on Friday.

We are coming to an end of our study of weather.  This week we will be learning about weather forecasting and learning to read a weather map.  This will end our study of weather patterns.  We will then review what we have learned in preparation of the assessment on this unit.  Once I have a definite date for the assessment I will let you know.  At that time, I will also email you the information your child needs to know for the assessment.

Our study of Israel is also coming to an end.  We will be discussing the kings – Saul, David, and Solomon, the role of the Assyrians and Babylonians in Israel’s history and the Prophets.  This may take us into next week.  I will keep you posted as we progress.

In English we are also coming to an end of our study of adjectives.  If things go as planned we will begin reviewing next week with the assessment scheduled for the following week.  Once I have a date, I will let you know.  We will next begin to study pronouns.

This Week’s Spelling Words

apology, prepare, contestant, dairy, stairway, familiar, beard, appear, volunteer, qualify, computer, expert, ambulance, prairie, repair, weary, rejection, reversible, graduate, hammock, approximate, impair, construction, clearance, argument

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of March 13, 2017

We certainly enjoyed our visit from our Grandparents and Special People last Thursday.  The students did an excellent job with the Mass.  They sat with their guests and came up to the front of church to do their part when it was time.   Not only did they read well but all remembered to do their part at the appropriate time.  The servers were also fifth graders.  They were so excited to be able to minister in this way.

Just a reminder that on Friday, we have early dismissal.  We will still be able to have our Spelling test.  This week we also have Stations on Friday.  With the continuation of the Church restoration, we are praying the Rosary while we are unable to do Adoration.

Next week we will begin to prepare for the Living Last Supper that we will pray with the student body on Wednesday of Holy Week.  Every student in the class will have a part to do.  Some parts will involve readings and others will be doing the various things that are required of the service.  The students will be doing the service as our Holy Week/Easter gift to the school community.      

In English we have begun to learn about adjectives.  We spent last week learning what an adjective is and to identify it in a sentence.  Besides identifying the adjective, the students had to name the noun that the adjective described. This week we will learn about articles, demonstratives, and comparing with adjectives using comparative or superlative forms. 

We are nearing an end to our study of weather patterns.  This week we will complete our study of storms and begin forecasting the weather.  After we finish the forecasting of weather, we will have a test on the material covered in this unit.  I do not have a definite date and will let you know as soon as I have one.   We have had a number of absents due to illness.  I will make sure that students have what is needed to prepare for the test as the date approaches. 

Just a reminder that all book reports are due Friday, March 24.  We continue to read The Children’s Homer.   It is not always the easiest book to read and understand for the students but we are making progress.  Telemachus has set sail with the help of Athene to try and find if his father is alive or dead.    

This Week’s Spelling Words

either, increase, calendar, casual, certificate, label, concern, cough, sincere, captain, errand, adhere, partial, fossil, particular, channel. quarrel, passage, fountain, bargain, cylinder, scholar, festival, submerge, villain


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of March 6, 2017

On Wednesday we had our Safe Environment/Protective  Behaviors Presentation.  At the end of the presentation, the teachers were given pamphlets to give to each student to take home to their parents.  I passed them out on Wednesday before dismissal.  You should have received one from your child.  They are blue in color.  I have found some on the floor so if you have not received one, ask your child for it.  If they do not have it (check their backpacks), let me know and I will check their desks and locker.  If I can not find it, I will send home one of the ones I found. 

 I also want to remind you to fill in and return the slip signing up your child for choir or band or both for next year so plans can be made.  If you have any questions, please contact me and I will help you receive the answers to them.

We just had our test on verbs and direct objects.  Our next unit of study will be adjectives.  We will learn what they are and to identify them.  We will also learn about articles, demonstratives, and comparing with them,

In Latin, we are learning to translate Latin into English.   At the Grand Event, a book entitled Learning Latin Through Mythology was purchased for my class.  It contains a summary of a mythological story in English and then presents the story in Latin.  The vocabulary is included as well as pictures for the sentences we are to translate.  We need to find the English words for the Latin words and then put them into English sentence structure.  In Latin, words are not in any specific order since the ending of the word determines its use (known as declension of a Latin noun) and in Latin there are no articles.   The students enjoyed our first lesson.  We will finish this myth on Tuesday and hopefully start a second on Friday.  They are excited to be doing some translating.  This is a very beginning step that I hope to add onto as the year progresses.  It is exciting to see their willingness and enthusiasm in doing this activity.

We will be doing the Living Last Supper this year again for the school community on Wednesday of Holy Week (April 12).  We have not begun preparing for it yet but will soon begin.  I wanted you to know incase you wanted to attend.  It will begin at 8:20 in church. 

We are excited to have our Grandparents and/or Special Persons visit on Thursday.  The fifth grade has planned the Liturgy for that week.  They will be sitting with their grandparents and come up to read when it is time to do so except for the servers who will meet them after the Liturgy. 

This Week’s Spelling Words

manager, president, different, terrible, finally, really, magnetic, probably, government, especially, balance, constant, innocent, realize, opportunity, pollute, prisoner, celebrate, guilty, elevator, diamond, representative, miniature, refrigerator, scholarship

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of February 27, 2017

This week I will email you the pages I have from your child for book reports.  They are not due for a few weeks but last quarter there were students who did not get all the pages in.  I thought by letting you know this week, it would enable you to encourage your child to get them in.

In English, we will have our test on verbs and direct objects this Friday, March 3.  We will review all week and I will have a sheet to give them to assist them in preparing for the test.  They will need a book but will be given the opportunity to take one of my extra ones home to prepare for the test.  That way they will not need to worry about taking the book back and forth this week.  They will return the book on Friday and give it back to me.

In History we are beginning the history of Israel – the Hebrew people.  We will begin with Abraham.  I want to begin with what they know about Abraham and his calling by God and then add whatever new information that I can.  We will also be studying Abraham in Religion and tying the two sources of information together.  I will keep you posted on our progress.

We are progressing in our reading of the The Children’s Homer.   We are doing vocabulary for every sections read as an assignment.  The pages are then read and we go over briefly the material read.  I make sure the student understand what happened and answer any questions that come up.  The students are then give questions on the story that they complete using their book if necessary.  We then go over those questions.  After this is completed we move on to the next sections.

In Science we just finished up thunderstorms.  Besides discussing the information about them, we also include their dangers and how we can stay safe during one.   This week we will move on to tornadoes, hurricanes, and snowstorms.    

 This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent.  I will be talking to them about Lent and about giving up something or trying to do something that will make them a better person - for example, be more patient with a brother or sister.  If they can do that all Lent, it will become a habit that continues long after Easter arrives. 

This Week’s Spelling Words

famous, nervous, mysterious, dangerous, selective, wonderful, humidity, beautiful, doubtful, successful, marvelous, originality, humorous, equality, poisonous, plentiful, useful, electricity, cheerful, resourceful, mountainous, ambitious, courageous, boastful, glorious

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of February 20, 2017

 This week is a four-day school week so we will adapt our Spelling lesson to it.  The students will receive the words and activities on Monday.  I will be sure to give them extra time then to enable them to complete at least two of the three activities for the week if they use the time wisely.  The activities will be due on Wednesday but I will not consider them late if they hand them in on Thursday.  The test will be on Thursday morning. 

In English this week, we will be concluding our study of verbs and direct objects.  By the end of the week, we will begin our review for the assessment.  If things go as planned, the assessment should be Friday, March 3.  We may need to push it into the next week if things do not go as planned. 

In History, I am going to introduce the study of Israel and the Phoenicians by reading Ox, House, Stick:  The History of Our Alphabet and discussing it.  (As the title states, it explains where we got each letter of the alphabet.)  This is very appropriate since the Phoenicians are given credit for not just coming up with it but spreading it to other nations.  This is the alphabet that has provided the base for all languages except those in the Orient.  After this, we will spend a day discussing Phoenicia and  then begin the History of Israel beginning with Abraham. 

Our study of Abraham will also be crossing over into Religion.  We are finishing up our study of Adam and Eve and original sin.   Next week we will move on to Abraham and the other people of the Old Testament.                                                                                                                    In Science we are finishing up studying air masses and fronts along with cyclones and anticyclones.  We will then discuss storms – thunder storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.  With our discussion we will also discuss how to be safe during these types of storms.

We will read the next three chapters in our novel, The Children’s Homer this week.  It is difficult for some but we discuss it twice, before the comprehension questions and after completing the questions.  We do not move on to the next chapters until everyone is ready.      

 This Week’s Spelling Words

comfortable, profitable, pleasant, responsible, sensible, reliant, defiant, servant, abundant, resident, agreeable, valuable, repellent, flexible, defendant, observant, occupant, urgent, confident, opponent, dependable, assistant, competent, participant, excellent

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of February 13, 2017

This week the preschoolers have planned the mass.  We are their buddies so we will be helping with the mass.  We will be reading parts with them as well as bringing up the gifts.  Tuesday morning, after Liturgy of the Hours, we will be meeting with them to practice for Thursday. 

If any of the fifth graders signed up to serve at Holy Cross, they will be meeting with Kim Corey on Thursday after lunch for training.  It will take place during their lunch recess.  I know they are excited to be trained and scheduled to serve.

The History test is on Wednesday to give the students another day to prepare.   It is also a better day for them to take it with band instrument lessons on Tuesday.   They have the study guide (it has been filled in since Wednesday of last week).  I will attach the filled-in guide in case it is needed.  I will also check that each have a copy before they leave tonight.  Next we will be studying the Israel – the Hebrews.  We begin with Abraham.  We will also be studying Abraham in Religion beginning next week.  I am glad the two are being covered at the same time.  It will help to reinforce the information that is being taught.  It will also be interesting to see what the students already know from prior experience.

 In English, we are coming to an end of our study of verbs.  This week we will be looking at verbs that are sometimes used incorrectly such as sit and set, teach and learn.  I will keep you posted at the assessment of this concept approaches. 

In Literature, we have read the first four chapters of The Children’s Homer.  We have begun discussing it and soon will move on to the next chapters.  It can be to understand so we will always discuss the chapters before the students will be asked to do comprehension questions on the reading.  This will enable them to ask questions and understand the story up to the place where we are at.  It will be important for them to keep up with the assigned readings. 

 Third quarter slump is beginning to set in and I have some missing assignments.  I will be emailing parents of these students.  To help alleviate this problem, the students will need to show me their assignment notebook filled-in every night before they leave.  If you are not seeing it, let me know and I can email you the “assignment board” everyday.   

This Week’s Spelling Words

splurge, starve, forgivable, garbage interpreter, scarves, statement, legible, durable, journal, citizen, visible, guitar, modified, captive, warrior, humanity, courtesy, nourish, allowance, departure, reduce, vehicle, returning, flourish

News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of February 6, 2017 

Valentine’s Day is next week.  The students may but are not required to bring valentines to school for their classmates on February 14.  If they choose to bring them, however, they must bring one for each of their classmates so no one is left out.  I will make sure each child has a reclosable plastic bag to put them in to take home.  They will have time in class to pass them out.  If you or your child needs a list of the students who are in the class, please ask and I will see that you get one. 

This Wednesday is the Science test on weather factors.  The students have a study guide.  (I will attach a copy of the filled-in study guide for you in case it is needed.)  We will review for the test on Monday and Tuesday since there is a lot of material to be reviewed.  On Thursday we will begin to learn about weather patterns.

This week we begin to prepare for our History test on ancient Egypt.  We will use the first three days of the week, to review as we fill in the study guide.  On Thursday and Friday we will view a video by Time Life.  It is entitled “Ancient Egypt – Quest for Immortality.  This will allow the students time to prepare for the test which is Tuesday, February 14.  I will email you a copy of the study guide once we are finished filling it in.   Next we will begin to study the Hebrews. 

In Literature we will begin chapters 1-4 of part one of The Children’s Homer.  The students will be receiving some material to help them understand the story as they are reading it.  One will be a list of the characters found in the story with an identifying characteristic of each, type of character, and the page the character is first mentioned.  (There are 100 characters.)  I will have the students high lite the major ones using a high-liter pen.  They will also receive a list of historical terms and their meanings.  (These are not vocabulary words but intended to help in understanding the material.)   I will give them in a folder for the child to use as we read the novel.  The students will have vocabulary words and questions that they will be expected to do for each section.

In Religion we will be learning about Adam and Eve, Original Sin, and its effect on Adam, Eve, and us.  We will also be visiting our buddies on Tuesday to play games with them.  I talked to the students about bringing younger children’s games for that day if you have any at home.   

This Week’s Spelling Words

radios, videos, families, heroes, trout, cuffs, broccoli, themselves, decoys, leaves, patios, activities, echoes, tornadoes, tomatoes, delays, groceries, roofs, loaves, halves, species, beliefs, chefs, potatoes, calves


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of January 30, 2017

We have a lot of special events happening this week – Catholic Schools Week.  I will remind the students each day of the upcoming day’s events and any special dress directions for that day.  We will be spending time in Religion decorating our classroom door to let our school community know about out classroom saint – St. Mother Teresa of Kalcutta.  Every student will participate in helping to get the door ready.  Last week we talked about what we wanted to do and who would do what.  This week we will put our plan into action.

Our Science test for Chapter 2 – Weather Factors will be Wednesday, February 8.  This week we will fill in the study guide and begin to review for the test.  There is a lot of material to be studied so we will spend extra time in class going over it.  We will spend time practicing  the vocabulary.  I will send you a copy of the study guide once we have it filled in.  I would suggest that your child begin to study as soon as we begin to fill the study guide in.

In Literature, we will begin to read our next novel, The Children’s Homer.  We will begin with chapters one through four.  After doing the vocabulary for chapters one through four, we will begin to read them. 

The book report requirement is once again 400 pages.  They will be due on March 22.  Since the quarter ends on March 24, this will give me time to contact you if your child does not have the pages in.  Even with extensions, some students did not meet the 400 page requirement this past quarter. 

We will have a Spelling lesson this week with the usual deadlines.  I am hoping to take the Spelling test on Friday after we get back from bowling before the 11:30 dismissal time.  We should have enough time to take and finish the test before we leave to go home.

We are coming to an end of our study of Ancient Egypt.  We will soon begin to fill in the study guide.  Once the guide is filled in, we will be watching a Time Life video on Ancient Egypt entitled “Ancient Egypt - Quest for Immortality”.  The students will be able to prepare for the test while we take a couple of days to watch the video.

  Reports cards go home on Thursday.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.   

This Week’s Spelling Words

choice, noisily, loyalty, destroy, powder, towels, voice, amount, moisture, immerse, creature, posture, unit, oyster, voyage, review, watermelon, conceive, surround, turmoil, inexpensive, breathe, exploit, foundation, incomplete


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of January 23, 2017

Monday is the beginning of the third quarter.  Each student has a fresh start with a new beginning.  I will talk to them about this and encourage them to select an area they wish to improve on.  The report cards will be coming home on Thursday, February 2.  I will also suggest that they, with your input, pick a subject or two that they will try and improve their grades in while maintaining the other ones. 

In Literature, the independent reading requirement will remain at 400 pages.  I will be changing the book report forms to allow some variety for the students.  I will give the date the pages are due in the next news letter.

In Literature class we are getting ready to read The Children’s Homer.  Monday we will share our character posters.  (The grade for these will be on their next report card due to the snow/ice day last week.)    Tuesday we will finish discussing myths.  Next we will discuss the gods and goddesses we meet in myths.  We will then spend a day learning how Helen ended up with Troy.  After this, we will begin the novel.

In Science we are finishing up the factors that influence our weather.  This section will end with our study of precipitation.  We will spend time filling in a study guide.  The test will be next week.  I will email a date once I see how our week goes in covering the material and where the test will fit in next week with all the activities that will be going on.  I will also include a copy of the study guide for those who may want it.

In History, we hope to finish up the Old Kingdom, learn about the Middle Kingdom, and begin the New Kingdom.  At the end of the our study of Ancient Egypt, we will fill in a study guide which will help the students prepare for the assessment on this material.

In English, we finishing linking verbs and hope to concentrate on verb tenses – present, past, and future – this week.  We continue in Spelling with Lesson 16.  The words are listed below.

In Religion, we will finish discussing the creation of Adam and Eve.  The next chapter will discuss Adam and Eve committing Original Sin and what if meant for them and what it means for us.  We will also be leading the Liturgy of the Hours this week. 

This Week’s Spelling Words

lonely, symbol, friendlier, oval, propose, separate, islands, resign, caught, hoax, shortage, pierce, exhaust, received, horrible, jewelry, foamy, correct, acre, museum, garage, deceive, exclaim, capitalize, emperor


News from Mrs. Miller for the Week of January 16, 2017

Friday was an extra special day with the Bishop coming to say Mass with us.  He also explained to the students the symbolism of the things he carries or wears that make him a bishop.  We ended our time with the Bishop by having a school picture taken with him.  The Bishop enjoyed his time with us.  Be sure to ask your children about his visit if you have not heard about it already.

Today we are back to chronological order in our Spelling lessons.  This week we are on Lesson 15.  These words are all compound words.

In History this week, we will be reading a play to learn more about the female pharaoh Hatesheput, read a primary source article on the finding of King Tut’s tomb, and looking at hieroglyphics and the Rosetta Stone.  Last week we mummified potatoes. One we put in a mixture of baking soda and salt that was suppose to be like the natron used by the Egyptians.  The other was just put in the glass.  We first checked them Friday and will look at them again on Wednesday.  We will then get rid of the control because it will probably not be smelling good and I told the students we will keep the potato in the “natron” and check it once a week.  

Our book rep