Mrs. Eddy

Mrs. Donna Eddy



Art Class Description & Expectations 

  • Art is a class designed for all students to develop a deeper understanding and apply the Elements of Art and Principles of Design in their own artwork.  Students will continue the development of various art skills and techniques.  Throughout the year, students will actively engage in various art activities including: art production, art criticism and exploration of art history.  Students will be given the opportunity to experience a variety of art media and develop techniques in their own work.


  • Areas of evaluation:
  1. Following directions, application of elements & principles of design
  2. Craftsmanship in use of materials and tools
  3. Creativity
  4. Effort, use of time and participation in class discussions
  5. Knowledge of art history through vocabulary, worksheets and tests
  • In all projects, assignments, and evaluation rubrics will be handed out prior to any work being done on the project.  The rubrics will tell students what specifically is being evaluated in each project.  We will be using benchmark scoring on a 10 point scale (10 - Proficient, 9 - capable (above average), 8 - Basic, 7 - Emerging (limited degree of competence), 0 - Did not complete). 
  • Students also be writing in art: critiquing a piece of art work, what they learned about an artist, art period, process or technique, or how they felt about a their own project. Written work will be evaluated, focusing on correct use of art content vocabulary/terminology in the assignment, as well as focusing on indentation of paragraphs, capital letters and periods (conventions), and will be evaluated using benchmark scoring. 
  • When a student is absent from class, it may be necessary to catch up during a lunch recess time, or take work home. Students need to take the initiative to find out what work was missed.
  • Parents will be emailed concerning project information, as needed.
  • Parents and students: check assignment due dates and upcoming tests via Power School