About St. Ignatius


Mission Statement

Forming a Community of Disciples in Christ through

Catholic Faith & Academic Excellence


We are committed to Catholic education as evident in our Core Values:

Faith - We are rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church which focus on nurturing a spiritual relationship with God through knowledge, prayer, and service.

Academic Excellence - We are committed to providing the finest instruction, resources, and support services available to enhance the growth and development of our students so that they will be successful in high school and beyond. Our foundation prepares students to be future leaders in a global economy.

Social Responsibility - Through active service and ministry we support one another, our community, and the world.

Integrity - We promote a moral and spiritual code of conduct that is rooted in Gospel values and the strength of our Catholic faith, families and community. We are called to value the diversity of each person and to treat one another with compassion.

How we began...

The Kaukauna Catholic School System (KCSS) was created on March 31, 1993, at a joint meeting of the Parish Councils of Holy Cross, St. Aloysius, and St. Mary Parishes.

Five subcommittees were formed to meet over the summer of 1993 to each be responsible for one of the following tasks:

    Develop a school philosophy and mission statement
    Write the constitution and by-laws
    Deal with transportation issues
    Start an athletics program
    Start Public Relations

Once the Philosophy/Mission Statement and Constitution/By-Laws were approved by the Diocese of Green Bay, the Kaukauna Catholic School System was officially recognized as a legal body and moral person.

The system began as a three school system.  St. Aloysius Campus and Holy Cross Campus both held preschool through grade 5, while St. Mary Campus was a middle school for grades 6-8.

Changes over time...

The Kaukauna Catholic School System proudly completed its 10th year of operation in June 2004.  However, this year also saw the consolidation of the schools into two new schools.  The St. Aloysius Campus changed to preschool through grade 2 and Holy Cross Campus would house grades 3-8.  The St. Mary site would be used for child care, development, and the business offices of KCSS. This meant that St. Francis of Hollandtown would merge with the KCSS system at all grade levels.

Prior to the 2006 school year, another change moved the childcare program from St. Mary's to the St. Aloysius Campus.

Current System...

Today, Holy Cross Campus is the site for Preschool through Grade 8, Child Care, the Business Office, and the Marketing & Advancement Office.  Prior to the 2014-2015 school year, only Grades 3-8 were located at the Holy Cross Campus.  Child care, offices and Preschool-3 to Grade 2 were located at the St. Aloysius Campus.

In May 2014, the Kaukauna Catholic School System Board of Directors approved a recommendation that KCSS begin a transition to a Catholic Classical curriculum.  A press conference with Bishop Ricken was held on Friday, May 16th at Holy Cross Campus to announce these changes.   The rollout began with the 2014-15 school year with the main focus being increasing our faith through an emphasis on virtue and incorporating religion and faith into every subject. This is an exciting time for our school.  We will be the first Catholic School in our Diocese to transition to a classical model. On July 1st, 2016, our name was officially changed to St. Ignatius Catholic School.

Mission Statement:  Forming a Community of Disciples in Christ through Catholic Faith & Academic Excellence.

Our mission today is as strong as when we began over thirteen years ago. St. Ignatius Catholic School educates and challenges each student in our Catholic faith and strives for academic excellence. We pray that this system of Catholic education enjoys as rich a heritage in the future as it did in the past.

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