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The St. Ignatius Home and School Association's goal for this year is to create opportunities for parents to get involved. Research shows that kids of involved parents do better in school and have higher test scores. Together we can make this an exciting and rewarding year for our children.

We would love to hear from you. Send any of us an email message with your ideas and or suggestions or come to one of our meetings.

2017-2018 Meetings (subject to change)

Wednesday, October 4th @ 8:15 AM (Jennifer Tetzlaff's house)
Tuesday, November 7th @ 6:30 PM (school library)
Wednesday, December 6th @ 8:15 AM (Jennifer Tetzlaff's house)
Wednesday, January 10th @ 8:15 AM (Jennifer Tetzlaff's house)
Wednesday, February 7th @ 8:15 AM (Jennifer Tetzlaff's house)
Tuesday, March 6th @ 6:30 PM (Youth Room-upstairs-enter door #7)
Wednesday, April 4th @ 8:15 AM (Jennifer Tetzlaff's house)
Tuesday, May 1st @ 6:30 PM (Youth Room-upstairs-enter door #7)


2017-2018 Officers

Jennifer Tetzlaff

Beth Voet

Co-Vice Presidents
Melanie Heindl
Kelly Arnoldussen

Kelly Arnoldussen


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