About Our School



St. Ignatius Catholic School is the first Catholic Classical School in the Fox Valley! A Catholic Classical Education provides a rigorous curriculum that uniquely prepares students for success in high school and beyond. Students exhibit an increased desire to learn, become analytical and critical thinkers, and communicate skillfully both verbally and in writing.


Catholic Classical Education is the oldest and most proven form of education. This educational method integrates all subjects, resulting in faith-filled students who are knowledgeable, analytical, and articulate.


The hallmark of Classical Education is the Trivium. It is based on the knowledge that children learn in three distinct stages according to their development:

Grammar Stage (Pre-K through 6th Grade):
Emphasizes mastery of the basics. Children learn best in this stage through song, memorization, and repetition.

Logic Stage (7th through 9th Grade):
Emphasizes logic and reason. Students are taught how to think critically, how to reason, and they learn how to learn!

Rhetoric Stage (10th through 12th Grade):
Emphasizes the art of effective communication and rational thought. Students are encouraged to read, learn, think, and communicate independently.

Catholic Classical Education also integrates Catholic faith in all subjects. We teach students to seek what is Good, True, and Beautiful and focus on developing the whole person to be instilled with virtue, compassion for others, and a heart for service. Our faith in Jesus Christ is incorporated into all academic subjects in order to permeate a Catholic worldview in our school.


Catholic Classical Education is a tried-and-true method of learning that focuses on developing the mind and the whole person. Classical education inspires students to read more, think critically about what they read, and communicate effectively about it.

This method of education has been proven to provide students with mastery and deep understanding of the world around them. Through Classical Education, students learn to eventually become their own teachers by thinking critically and creatively.


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FAITH  We are rooted in the tradition of the Catholic Church, which focuses on nurturing a relationship with God through knowledge, prayer and service.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE  We are committed to providing the finest instruction, resources and support services available to enhance the growth and development of the future leaders in our global society.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  We support one another, our community and our world through active service, ministry and welcoming each person as a member of God’s family.

INTEGRITY  We promote a moral and spiritual code of conduct that has its strength in the Gospel values of our Catholic Faith.

INNOVATION  We embrace change and work to create dynamic learning environments where individuals are challenged to reach their potential.