Faculty and Staff


St. Ignatius Catholic School and St. Ignatius Chesterton Academy is blessed to have a talented, faith-filled, and dynamic faculty and staff dedicated to the vision and mission of our school. Whether in the classroom or an office, working at St. Ignatius is more than a job; it is a grace-filled calling and vocation to serve the students, staff, families, greater community, and the Church entrusted to us by God.

Each faculty and staff member takes the Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium at an all-school Mass at the beginning of the academic year, as well as participates in both professional and spiritual formation opportunities throughout the year.

Adams, Miss Rachel Physical Education radams@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Anderson, Mr. Paul Chesterton Academy Physics / Math panderson@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Ashauer, Ms. Lauren Grade 2 lashauer@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Baierl, Ms. Abigail 
4K / Learning Specialist abaierl@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Beyer, Mr. Wesley Chesterton Academy Drama wbeyer@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Biese, Mr. Anthony Head of School abiese@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Brennan, Mrs. Kathy Grade 1  kbrennan@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Brown, Ms. Patricia Kindergarten pbrown@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Burkart, Mrs. Julie Interventionist jburkart@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Bures, Mrs. Brandy 6th Grade Intern bbures@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Buskager, Mrs. Karen Business Office Assistant kbuskager@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Dorn, Mrs. Julie Librarian jdorn@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Dorvé, Dr. Carlot Music cdorve@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Dressler, Mrs. Theresa Interventionist tdressler@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Duprey, Mrs. Stephanie Educational Assistant sduprey@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Fox, Mr. Kyle Chesterton Academy Art History / History
Campus Ministry
Garcia, Mrs. Patricia Food Service Coordinator pgarcia@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Getchius, Mrs. Emily Assistant Director of Advancement egetchius@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Gilson, Mrs. Nicole Grade 3 ngilson@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Haen, Mrs. Becky Grade 4 bhaen@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Hanagan, Mrs. Karen CGS and Before and After School Care Director khanagan@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Islinger, Mrs. Michelle HR Coordinator mislinger@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Karius, Mrs. Margaret Director of Advancement mkarius@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Knapinski, Ms. Beth  Special Projects Manager – Marketing eknapinski@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Knick, Mr. Jeff IT Support jknick@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Krautkramer, Mr. Peter Band pkrautkramer@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Krubsack, Mrs. Mary Educational Assistant mkrubsack@stignatiuskaukauna.org
LaPean, Mrs. Laura Grade 1  llapean@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Lefeber, Mrs. Elizabeth Administrative Assistant elefeber@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Lubinski, Ms. Kassia Educational Assistant
Before/After Care
Lulloff, Mr. Zachary Art zlulloff@stignatiuskaukauna.org
McMillin, Mrs. Kelly CGS Coordinator kmcmillin@stignatiuskaukauna.org
McQuillan, Mrs. Maria Speech and Language mmcquillan@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Mixer, Mr. Dan Learning Specialist dmixer@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Mixer, Mrs. Tonie Grade 5  tmixer@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Moore, Dr. Lisa Chesterton Academy Theology lmoore@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Parker, Mrs. Megan 3K / Preschool mparker@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Phillips, Mr. Todd Spanish / Latin / Biology tphillips@stignatiuskaukauna.org 
Pichee, Mrs. Laurie Grade 7  lpichee@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Poch, Mrs. Jessica Administrative Assistant jpoch@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Richter, Ms. Michelle Kindergarten mrichter@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Runde, Mr. Nathan Latin / Debate / Logic nrunde@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Schmerbeck, Ms. Krystyn Associate Head of School
Chesterton Academy Philosophy / Geometry
Instructional Coach
Schumann, Mrs. Lucy Custodian lschumann@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Selvam, Fr. Raja School Chaplain frrselvam@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Spidle, Mrs. Tammy Before / Aftercare Assistant tspidle@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Spietz, Ms. Rebecca Grade 3 rspietz@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Tyson, Ms. Chris Educational Assistant ctyson@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Van Boxtel, Mrs. Debby Admissions Coordinator dvanboxtel@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Van Boxtel, Miss Lucy Educational Assistant lvanboxtel@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Van Helvoirt, Mrs. Jennifer Accreditation Coordinator
Educational Consultant
Vande Hey, Mrs. Nancy Chesterton Academy English / Literature 
Educational Advisor 
Vande Hey, Mr. Nathan System President nvandehey@stignatiuskaukauna.org
VandenWymelenberg, Mrs. Ann Grade 8  avandenwymelenberg@stignatiuskaukauna.org
VanderSanden, Mr. Lee
Athletic Director lvandersanden@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Wurth, Mrs. Jenny Chesterton Academy English / Literature jwurth@stignatiuskaukauna.org
Zwick, Mrs. Lynn Director of Business Services lzwick@stignatiuskaukauna.org
St. Ignatius Catholic School Executive Team
  • Mr. Nathan Vande Hey, System President
  • Mrs. Margaret Karius, Director of Advancement
  • Mrs. Lynn Zwick, Director of Business Services
  • Mr. Anthony Biese, Head of School
St. Ignatius Catholic School Administration
  • Mr. Nathan Vande Hey, System President
  • Mr. Anthony Biese, Head of School
  • Ms. Krystyn Schmerbeck, Associate Head of School

St. Ignatius Catholic School Office

Before and After School Care



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