At St. Ignatius Catholic School and Chesterton Academy, we believe that every student is a beloved child of God and has a unique set of gifts, abilities, skills, and ultimately, their individual calling from God.

We offer a rich classical curriculum based on a variety of tools to best serve each of our students. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, our students receive instructional attention in the classroom and are known as unique individuals throughout our school community. We also engage numerous educational support programs to ensure Catholic classical education is accessible to students of varying abilities and that each student is able to work to the best of their ability, to grow, and to achieve academic and personal success.

Academic Excellence

At St. Ignatius Catholic School and Chesterton Academy, our rigorous Catholic classical curriculum and joyful Catholic school culture promote growth in wisdom and virtue, academic excellence, and love of learning.

With Catholic classical education stretching from 3K through grade 12 at St. Ignatius, students receive the foundational roadmap to learn and grow throughout their childhood and teenage years in a supportive educational environment. As students learn and grow, they build upon and connect knowledge gained from earlier stages to new information across all subject areas.

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Speech and Language

We offer Speech and Language services to students 3K-grade 12. This helps address the impact of language differences and second language acquisition on student learning.

In the Speech and Language program at St. Ignatius, students are assessed to help us identify any communication disorders and provide intervention appropriate to the age and learning needs of each individual student. We also actively engage students in goal planning, implementing interventions, monitoring progress, and self-advocacy appropriate to age and ability level.

Special Needs Program

At St. Ignatius, a Special Needs Program is offered for students in grades 3K-12 who may benefit from additional assistance in learning, behavior, or other needs.

Each student’s skills are assessed to determine their individual level of need and then lesson plans are created and geared to teach them in a way they can best understand. We work with our local school district to implement individualized educational programs (IEPs) according to each student’s unique needs.

As with all of our academic programs, faculty, staff, parents, and students closely collaborate and communicate to ensure each student’s academic growth and success.


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