Dress Code

Dress code for students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade


Any solid color, simple stripe or plaid (no patterns).

Long or short sleeve (no sleeveless).
No T-shirts except for St. Ignatius LOGO wear.

Any solid color or St. Ignatius wear.

No hooded sweatshirts are to be worn inside during the school day.
(Coats and hooded sweatshirts are considered outdoor wear.)

Any solid color or simple stripe.
Crew, v-neck, or button/zipper cardigans, (hoodies are not allowed).
Blazers/suit jackets/sport coats with or without ties are welcome.

Solid khaki, black, gray or navy.
Must fit at waist, no holes or tears, finished hem and appropriate length.
No denim, sweatpants, skinny fit, pajama pants, flannel, jeggings, or leggings*.
  *Leggings can be worn under skirts, dresses or jumpers, but not as pants.

Solid khaki, black, gray or navy (On Mass days girls may wear dressy outfit).
No shorter than to the top of the knee.
Must be worn with nylons, tights or leggings from November 1 to April 30.
Skirts, jumpers, and dresses may be worn without nylons/tights/leggings May 1 – October 31.

SHORTS (Boys & Girls):
Worn May 1 – October 31
Solid khaki, black, gray, navy or plaid.
No shorter than to the top of the knee.
No athletic shorts.

Any solid color.

Athletic shoes, dress shoes or sandals with socks.
No high heels, flip flops or clogs.


Please see additional information on the dress code under the “Parent Resources” tab, using the drop down menu to go to Forms & Handbooks. St. Ignatius Chesterton Academy uniform information can be found here.