Drop off/Pick up Procedures

To keep all students safe, please see the drop off/pick up directives below:

  • All students should be dropped off on Sarah Street (behind the school, on the playground).
  • Bus students will continue to be dropped off and picked up on Doty Street by Kobussen Bus.



Please refer to the below map regarding the drop off and pick up area.

  • The "Traffic Circle" drive-through lanes are specifically for students who do not need assistance getting into school.  
  • Cars in the "Traffic Circle" are to drop off students and then continue to move through the lane and onto the street.  
  • Parking is not allowed in the "Traffic Circle".  
  • Parents of 3K and 4K children are to park in the designated parking stalls along Sarah Street or adjacent to church, and walk their child into school.  
  • If you have a relative or friend bringing your child to school please inform them of these instructions.
  • ONLY 5 MINUTE PARKING is allowed on the north side of Doty Street (adjacent to the school) during school hours.
  • High school students may park on the surrounding residential streets or in the city's parking lot across from the post office on Doty Street.