Partners in Pedagogy Recap: Hillsdale Professor Discusses Classical Education, Cultivating Complementary Classical Pedagogy at Home

August 24, 2023

St. Ignatius Catholic School welcomed Hillsdale College Professor Jonathan Gregg, PhD, to the school for an evening presentation, “Partners in Pedagogy: Supporting Your Child’s Classical Education as Parents,” on August 17. Parents, staff, and anyone interested in classical education were welcome to attend.

During the presentation, Dr. Gregg discussed the distinctive pedagogy employed in Catholic classical schools and classrooms, which complement and further enhance school culture and curriculum. He also offered suggestions for parents to employ similar pedagogical techniques in their daily conversations at home.

Some suggestions for integrating classical pedagogy in the home included (and are explained in further detail in the presentation recording):

  • Cultivating opportunities for your children for complex decision making
  • Asking your children open ended questions
  • Taking their ideas and running with them
  • Equipping children to do the heavy lifting
  • Rejoicing with your children’s in their successes and mourning with them in their failures