St. Ignatius Catholic School Welcomes New Teachers, Staff for the 2023-24 School Year

September 1, 2023

St. Ignatius Catholic School and Chesterton Academy welcomes the following new teachers and staff members to our school community for the 2023-24 school year.

We are blessed with new and returning staff who are excellent educators and professionals, faithful to the Catholic Church, and committed to our mission.

Please join us in welcoming:

  • Mr. Jason Albertz, Grade 6 Teacher
  • Ms. Olivia Barry, Chesterton Academy Science and Math Teacher
  • Mr. Gary Baumgart, Spanish Teacher
  • Mr. Ben Erickson, Educational Assistant
  • Mr. Joe Hinshaw, Educational Assistant
  • Mr. Collin Killoren, Logic and Chesterton Academy Philosophy, Debate, and Literature Teacher
  • Mrs. Tamara Mercier, Special Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Linda Mongin, Chesterton Academy Drama Teacher (Fall Production)
  • Mr. Victor Murphy, Physical Education and Health Teacher
  • Mrs. Heather Neumann, Drama Teacher (Spring Production)
  • Mrs. Suzanne Ostermann, 3K Teacher
  • Mrs. Laura Preissner, Educational Assistant
  • Mrs. Jennifer Sachs, Grade 5 Teacher
  • Mrs. Jennifer Smyth, Music Teacher
  • Mr. Alex Wolf, Head of Upper School

View a full list of St. Ignatius teachers and staff here.