Mr. Luloff

Mr. Zachary Luloff 


Zachary Luloff graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a BA in Film Radio/Television/Film Communication. He quickly decided that Los Angeles felt like a person who was a stranger to themselves, and settled in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He has been acting, directing, and dancing for the past 28 years in area theatre, and strives to find the deepest reason each story is told. The following line from Karol Wojtyla’s play The Jeweler’s Shop gets to the heart of one such reason.

“Teresa was a whole world, just as distant as any other man, as any other woman. —and yet there was something that allowed one to think of throwing a bridge.”

 People long for communion. Theatre has a capacity to express and elevate that longing, and the menagerie of people who seek it.

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