Mrs. Vande Hey

Mrs. Nancy Vande Hey

English Grade 8

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Parents: to learn more about the method of writing we use, check out this article: What is IEW?


Weeks of February 17 & 24:

Monday, Feb. 17 - students turned in the rough draft of the three body paragraphs about ice cream.

Tuesday - we discussed the important elements in introductions and conclusions.  Together we created  KWO of the conclusion and students started writing it.  It is due tomorrow.

Wednesday - As a class we will outline the introduction and students will write it up.  Once it it done, students will do peer editing of both the introduction and conclusion.  This will happen either today or tomorrow.

Thursday - Meet in the computer lab.  After the DOL quiz, students will have time to type up their final draft of all five paragraphs.  The final draft will be due at the end of class on Monday.  If your student does not get much typed up on Thursday, you might encourage them to continue typing it over the weekend a little so they can be sure to complete it during our class time on Monday.

Friday - A day off - enjoy!

Monday, Feb. 24 - Mrs. Vande Hey will be gone but there will be a sub. Class will meet in the computer lab and students will be expected to turn in their final draft before the end of the class period.  Checklist, final draft, rough drafts, outlines, and the extra credit page with a photo should all be brought to class to be handed in.

Tuesday - Every student will read one paragraph from his/her essay and we'll celebrate our hard work with an ice cream party.  Students will each be responsible for bringing in something.  (They will know what they are bringing by Thursday, Feb. 20.)

Wednesday - We will go back to the two-paragraph essays students wrote two weeks ago.  Students will KWO and write a third body paragraph to go with the first two.   If there is time, students will KWO and begin writing a conclusion.

Thursday - DOL quiz at the beginning of class. Students will continue with conclusions and then introductions.  They will eventually be turning that two-paragraph assignment into a full five-paragraph essay.

Friday - Stay warm and safe in the wilderness during Survival Day!