Mrs. Vande Hey

Mrs. Nancy Vande Hey

English Grade 8

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Parents: to learn more about the method of writing we use, check out this article: What is IEW?


Week of March 2:

Monday - I will hand back the student essays about ice cream and discuss what the students did well and where we'll keep practicing.  Students will edit each others rough drafts and will start typing up the final drafts.

Tuesday - Final drafts of the 5-paragraph "free choice" essay will be due today at the start of class.  We'll start brainstorming ideas for the next essay and will KWO the body paragraphs if time.

Wednesday - Continue to KWO and then hand write the rough draft of the body paragraphs for this essay.

Thursday - Peer edit the rough drafts of the body paragraphs.  As a class, review the requirements for conclusions and introductions, then KWO conclusion and begin writing it if time.

Friday - DOL Quiz today! Then finish rough draft of conclusion, begin KWO and rough draft of introduction.  Rough draft of both of those paragraphs will be due at start of class on Monday.