Staff Directory


Adams, Miss Rachel Physical Education [email protected]
Anderson, Mr. Paul Physics / Math [email protected]
Ashauer, Ms. Lauren Grade 2 [email protected]
Brennan, Mrs. Kathy Grade 1  [email protected]
Brown, Ms. Patricia Kindergarten [email protected]
Buskager, Mrs. Karen Business Office Assistant [email protected]
Dorn, Mrs. Julie Librarian [email protected]
Ellis, Mrs. Allison Music / Choir [email protected]
Fox, Mr. Kyle Art History / History [email protected]
Getchius, Mrs. Emily Assistant Director of Advancement [email protected]
Gilson, Mrs. Nicole Grade 3 [email protected]
Haen, Mrs. Becky Grade 4 [email protected]
Hanagan, Mrs. Karen CGS and Before/After School Care Director [email protected]
Karius, Mrs. Margaret Director of Advancement [email protected]
Knapinski, Ms. Beth  Assistant Director of Advancement [email protected]
Knick, Mr. Jeff IT Support [email protected]
Krautkramer, Mr. Peter Band [email protected]
Krubsack, Mrs. Mary Educational Assistant [email protected]
LaPean, Mrs. Laura Grade 1  [email protected]
McFadzen, Mrs. Sue Grade 6 [email protected]
McQuillian, Mrs. Maria Speech and Language [email protected]
Mixer, Mr. Dan Learning Specialist [email protected]
Mixer, Mrs. Tonie Grade 5  [email protected]
Moore, Dr. Lisa Theology [email protected]
Parker, Mrs. Megan 3K / Preschool [email protected]
Pichee, Mrs. Laurie Grade 7  [email protected]
Phillips, Mr. Todd Spanish / Latin / Biology [email protected] 
Poch, Mrs. Jessica Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Richter, Ms. Michelle Kindergarten [email protected]
Runde, Mr. Nathan Latin / Liturgical Prep [email protected]
Schmerbeck, Ms. Krystyn Logic / Debate / Philosophy / Geometry
Instructional Coach
[email protected]
Spietz, Ms. Rebecca Grade 3 [email protected]
Tyson, Ms. Chris Educational Assistant [email protected]
Van Boxtel, Mrs. Debby Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Van Boxtel, Miss Lucy Educational Assistant [email protected]
Van Helvoirt, Mrs. Jennifer Curriculum and Instruction Leader
Accreditation Coordinator
[email protected]
Vande Hey, Mr. Nathan System Administrator / Headmaster [email protected]
Vande Hey, Mrs. Nancy English / Literature  [email protected]
VandenWymelenberg, Mrs. Ann Grade 8  [email protected]
VanderSanden, Mr. Lee
Athletic Director [email protected]
VanderSanden, Mrs. Mary Art [email protected]
Wiersma, Mr. Lee Director of Staff Engagement and Culture [email protected]
Wurth, Mrs. Jenny English / Literature [email protected]
Zwick, Mrs. Lynn Business Office Manager [email protected]

St. Ignatius Catholic School Executive Team
Mr. Nathan Vande Hey
, System Administrator/Headmaster
Mrs. Margaret Karius, Director of Advancement
Ms. Beth Knapinski, Assistant Director of Advancement
Mrs. Jennifer Van Helvoirt, Curriculum and Instruction Leader/Accreditation Coordinator
Mr. Lee Wiersma, Director of Staff Engagement and Culture
Mrs. Lynn Zwick, Business Manager

St. Ignatius Catholic School Office
[email protected]

Before & After School Care
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